Beth Proudfoot, LMFT
Beth Proudfoot, MFT

“... the feedback I have received from the parents has been very favorable.  Your humorous, casual style was particularly appealing.”     
  -- Paula Porter, Almaden Parents Preschool

“Your talk was very informative and I’m sure that all of our members learned something new. We look forward to having you speak to our group again in the future.”
-- Janie Riddle, Gemini Crickets Parents of Multiples Club

“I attribute a large part of this year’s successful parent conference to the fine job you did as a workshop presenter.”
-- Richard Uribe, East Side Union High School District

“I’d like to thank you very much for your informative and entertaining presentation on dealing with stress and anger. Your comments were very well received by our members. ‘She had my attention from the very beginning;’ ‘Just what the doctor ordered;’ and ‘Really good – wish I’d heard her speak last week!’ are of few of the remarks I’ve heard. Thanks for helping us provide a high quality parent education program at SPP.”
-- Anne Halberg, Sunnyvale Parent Preschool

“Several people commented afterwards how much they enjoyed the program. They thought you were very special.”
-- Joyce Rubenstein, Campbell Public Library

“Your workshops…were well-received and, based on our returned evaluations, were ‘very informative, practical and thought-provoking.’”
-- Castro Valley Parent Nursery School, California Council of Parents Participation Nursery Schools

“Our ‘audience evaluation forms’ came back with overwhelmingly positive responses.”
-- Discovery Parent-Child Preschool

“Thanks so much for your lively and informative talk! We really enjoyed all the great things you had to say and felt uplifted by your buoyant personality.”
-- Debbie Agee, La Leche League, San Jose

“Thank you for taking the time to answer so many questions. The feedback after the meeting was very positive. You were definitely one of our best speakers.”
-- Krista Mikami, Las Madres Neighborhood Playgroups

Leadership Skills for 21st Century Families


VISION: Creating a Roadmap for Successful Parenting
In this workshop, we’ll think about what kinds of skill sets our children will need to survive and thrive in this rapidly changing world, create a vision and then make plans for what we’ll need to accomplish our goals. 

HAPPINESS: First, Adjust Your Own Oxygen Mask!
We are most effective as parents when we are calm, centered, and happy.  How do we get there, though?  We will discuss 7 ways to take care of ourselves so that we can find our happy place...even in the midst of challenging times.

CONFLICT: What To Do When You’re Mad at Your Kids…and Vice Versa
We’re more likely to become angry with our children than anyone else in our lives…because we love them the most! We will learn the relationship between stress and negative emotions, how to effectively handle our  own negative feelings, and how to help children both express their own feelings appropriately and listen to others with empathy.

DISCIPLINE: Inspirational Leadership for 21st Century Kids
If our children are going to flourish in this rapidly changing world, we are going to have to get totally out of the ancient punishment and reward thing.  Come prepared to learn new ways of teaching your children to behave well. 

RESOLUTION: Sibs Don’t Have to Be Rivals
Most parenting experts teach how to prevent sibling rivalry, or how to ignore it. In this class, we’ll get down on the floor and learn what to do in the middle of the argument to help kids of any age to resolve conflicts peacefully, and eventually all by themselves. 

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