Beth Proudfoot, LMFT
Beth Proudfoot, MFT

"I enjoyed Beth's presentation, "Crabby to Charismatic" enormously because it was well organized, content rich, relevant and entertaining.  Beth presented 7 points; each well supported with facts and brought to life with relevant and relatable stories.   I was particularly impressed with how the presentation flowed effortlessly from one point to the next.  She included specific, practical strategies on how to move from a difficult place in life to a more centered place.  Beth’s engaging personality and warm sense of humor was a magnificent example of charisma and the most delightful component to the evening.  I would be delighted and eager to attend another presentation by Beth."
 -- Linda Sturdivant,

(Beth's) background of theater as well as psychotherapy serves her well in her dramatic presentations. I felt like saying, "yes, I believe!"
-- Joan Banks Stutes,
Joans Travel Adventures

I’ve been asked to speak for sales organizations, and have completely enjoyed doing these two  presentations which I have also customized for doctors’ offices, small business networking groups, and service clubs. I love these talks because, well, they makes me happy!   -- Beth

From Crabby to Charismatic:  Seven Secrets to Getting Your Mojo Back
People are magnetically attracted to happiness.  You know this.  When you're bubbling up with joy everything becomes easier. Sales, relationships, and opportunities seem to come out of the woodwork.
But...what if you're not entirely happy right now?  What if some pretty lousy, rotten things have happened to you lately?  We all experience setbacks. Ironically, at the very times when we need a few successes, our negative moods can keep people (and sales and opportunities) away in droves.
In this short talk, we'll cover seven ways to turn negative thoughts and feelings around, to strip them away like the peel of an orange, revealing your  sweet and juicy nature for all the world to see, appreciate and run toward.  Yes, your sales will improve.  Yes, your relationships will blossom.  But deep inner peace and lasting happiness is priceless in and of itself, isn't it?

You Don't Have to Be A Saint:  Forgiveness and the Art of the True Apology
So, somebody has hurt you, really badly. But, for some reason, "never speaking to the again" hasn't gotten them out of your system. Or, maybe you've hurt someone else. The situation couldn't have been avoided, or you can't (or don't want to!) take it back, but you think about it, late at night.
We all make mistakes, in our business lives and in our personal relationships. The secret to success and happiness is not in never making mistakes, but in becoming an expert in making repairs when those inevitable errors crop up.
In this talk, we'll discuss concrete strategies to repair broken hearts, broken relationships, and broken customer expectations. When you do it right, repaired relationships are actually stronger. You'll find that your worst mistakes, repaired beautifully, can get you customers for addition to a good night's sleep.

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