Beth Proudfoot, LMFT
I'm passionate about giving parents and teachers the tools they need to teach 21st Century "people skills" to their children.  I love to speak at preschools, because the younger the children are, the easier it is to teach them kindness, cooperation, and conflict resolution.

It's never too late, though, and I truly enjoy speaking with parents and teachers of older children, and business people,  about how to face the challenges of this new millennium with aplomb.

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Here's my official bio:

Beth Proudfoot is a parenting expert with 30 years of experience teaching “emotional fluency,” conflict resolution, and 21st Century Discipline to parents, teachers, and daycare providers. 

Co-author of "The Magic of Positive Parenting" and author of the "Trailblazing Parenting" series, Beth has been featured at conferences for the National Center for Self Esteem, the National Association for the Education of Young Children, California Mothers of Twins, and the California Council of Parent-Participation Nursery Schools.
A former cable television talk show host, Beth’s style is “professional” and “folksy” at the same time. Whether she’s leading an intimate discussion group or lecturing in front of hundreds, she never fails to inform and inspire.

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