Beth Proudfoot, LMFT
Beth Proudfoot, MFT
The very last thing a child wants to do is sit around and talk about his or her problems! Play therapy is a way of creating a healing environment which is:
  • Child-focused
  • Completely accepting
  • Predictable
  • Safe
  • Fun!
I have a variety of inviting toys in my office, and part of the work of the therapy involves playing out and coming to an understanding of important emotional issues in story form.  However, the real changes happen because of my unique therapeutic relationship with the child. Knowing the child’s history and using skills honed over years of study and experience, I can be the exact playmate the child needs at any moment.

Many children are anxious about coming to therapy, however in a very short time they begin to count the hours until their next session.  Spending 50 minutes with someone who is completely focused on you can be addictive!

Like any important life experience, play therapy has a beginning, where we start to form our relationship, a middle, where we work through problems, and an end, where we gradually let go of the relationship which is no longer needed.  The timing for this is individual and can range from six weeks to six months to six years, depending on the severity of the emotional issue and the amount of “hard-wiring” involved.

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